December 20, 2012

Battle Memories: World of Warcraft @ 2008

I found this video from my old hard drive, thought it would be nice to write something about it.

About World of Warcraft

WOW - World of Warcraft, a MMORPG created by famous game company Blizzard. I had played it for maybe 4~5 years in total, had a very successful “career” there. Heh anyway I’m already AFK(away from keyboard, also means stop playing the game) but from time to from I still miss it, it may sounds stupid to you but I really learned some important life lessons there, no matter in what “world” only consistent efforts and practices that can make you progress. I’ll cut off here otherwise there is no end of this story.

About This Movie

The video was made at 2008, 4 years ago, contains some World of Warcraft Arena PVP games I recorded at that time. It was my first and last “product”, besides this one there are also some clips in my hard drive but I never made the second one.

I assume no one here(if there is any) knows about World of Warcraft PVP, it seems impossible for me to find a way to entertain you with this video. I think I can only share some stories and experiences behind it.

Such Fun to Make a Movie

Record each game, categorise the clips, pick up songs, add transition animations, add subtitles, figure out a story line, add slow motion to fit the songs tempo… Everything was new to me but I really enjoyed, it was very different from the daily programming work, a good relax and exercise. The software I used was Adobe Premiere I think, not very sure.

Slow PC, Slow Internet

I was still using a quite low spec PC at that time. To record the game and don’t affect the play I have to turn off lots of graphic effects to lower down the overall resource consume. And exporting the movie normally took over 1 hour, if I found any tiny mistakes, damn I had to go through it again…

Low Quality As A PVP Movie

If let me rate my movie I will give it 4 out of 10, completely a failure. There are several aspects I don’t like:

  1. Network Lag. I was playing in the Taiwan server from Japan and normally the latency was 200-300 ms. That’s sooooooo critical in a high level game, even though I have 100% confidence about my reflection speed, that 200-300ms usually just sentence me and my teammate to death.

  2. Bad Team Player. The Arena games are team plays, even if you are a genius most of the time you have to corporate with your teammates, communicate and adjust the strategy against your opponents. As you can see in the movie most of the time I was just chasing my opponent and totally ignored my teammate, his position, his vision, his life point… So recording your game and watching later is a very good way to improve your skills, you can find so many flaws of yourself.

Enjoy the Movie

Enough talking, hope you can enjoy the movie. It’s around 24 minutes I don’t think anyone of you can finish it :)

Video on Vimeo

风七 - Battle Memories from fantasyday on Vimeo.

At Last

The 2 teammates in the movie are my college friends, they are both married now and one guy will soon be a father. It’s nearly impossible to play this game or any game with them anymore. Just like in a romantic relationships normally people will take lots of photos and videos, if you ever really into a game, I suggest you make yourself a movie as well.

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