March 16, 2013

One Photo And One Video About Innovation

The Photo: Apple 2005-2013

Apple 2005 and 2013

2005. I was still in college. The phone I had was just a “pure” phone to call and text people, and even didn’t have a camera.

2013. Now I have Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, all “rich” devices. With 3G network I can connect to Internet anytime anywhere. Life’s been changed so much.

The Video: Samsung GALAXY S4

I never had a Samsung GALAXY phone, but after watched this video I was surprised by some of the new features. I’ve been using iPhone for 3 or 4 years, I’m so used to it and sometimes it makes me blind to see other innovations.

The video is 4:30 long, please take a look when you have time.

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Qihuan Piao

Qihuan Piao

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