October 9, 2012

Productivity for Programmers

Peepcode video by Lars Pind

If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend you do it. It's totally worth 12$ at least for me.

Peepcode - Productivity for Programmers

Here I share some quotes and notes I found useful.

What is productivity?

Productivity is a method for managing your time and your other resources. In other words, it's managing yourself so you can achieve the most results in the least amount of time. The way I measure that is not by the number of lines of code but rather by how quickly you achieve your end result.

This makes much sense.

Notes I took




Off topic

Find another boss

In the "After - Get rest" part Lars told us the tip to deal with your boss:

Now I deserve to take some time off. If your boss doesn't agree, you should have a conversation with your boss about that. If he still doesn't agree, find another boss.

Maybe it's the easiest and most efficient way :)

Emotional Design

In the video it mentioned about the book "Emotional Design", I didn’t remember when and where I heard this book before, I was very interested in this book long ago. (Maybe it was in the book Drive?). So after I ran into it this time, I 1-clicked on Amazon without hesitation ^

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