November 25, 2012

SublimeText2 Rails Snippet for Model Find Code

If you find yourself typing these kind of similar codes very often, and want a snippet to save your time, this is it.

@topic = Topic.find(params[:topic_id])
@car_item = CarItem.find(params[:car_item_id])
@user = User.find(params[:id])

It maps the variable name to its model name by converting the first character or the character after a underscore to uppercase, which is a convention in Rails framework.

Demo Video

The Snippet

I put it and named as SublimeText/Packages/User/Snippets/model_find.sublime-snippet.

@${1} = ${1/^(.)|_(.)/\U\1\2/g}.find(params[:${2:${1}_}id])

So now I just have to hit mf -> tab to trigger it.

SublimeText Document

Here I'm using the Substitutions feature of SublimeText 2 snippet.

The substitution syntax has the following syntaxes:

  • ${var_name/regex/format_string/}
  • ${var_name/regex/format_string/options}


Original: ${1:Hey, Joe!}
Transformation: ${1/./=/g}

# Output:

      Original: Hey, Joe!
Transformation: =========
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