May 15, 2016

Update to Rails 5.0.0.rc1 from 4.2

Just updated this blog to Rails 5.0.0.rc1 from 4.2, since this is a pretty small hobby blog app the update was quite simple and smooth.

1) Update your Gemfile, then bundle update rails

# core part of rails 5
gem 'rails', '~> 5.0.0.rc1'
gem 'turbolinks', '~> 5.x'

# use the same web server
gem 'puma', '~> 3.0'

# use latest master branch to make bundle resolve dependencies
gem 'kaminari', github: 'amatsuda/kaminari'
gem 'simple_form', github: 'plataformatec/simple_form'
gem 'rspec-rails', github: 'rspec/rspec-rails', tag: 'v3.5.0.beta3'

# Fix for
gem 'capybara', github: 'jnicklas/capybara'

2) rails app:update to update the configuration files(config/*, bin/*)

Use d to check the diff and y to overwrite if it's ok.

3) Create app/models/application_record.rb like this

class ApplicationRecord < ActiveRecord::Base
  self.abstract_class = true

4) Update for turbolinks

This is equal to bind on window.onload, DOMContentLoaded, or jQuery ready events

$(document).on "turbolinks:load", ->

Also check the official guide on upgrade your rails app

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Qihuan Piao

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