Upgrading to Rails 3.2 from 3.1

Yesterday I upgraded one of my old-pending-hobby projects to latest Rails version, which is 3.2.8 now. Since I have several other projects in old version, I'd like to keep a note for what I've done.

As you can see in my commit, all you have to do is update the version in Gemfile and hit bundle update in your terminal.

```ruby Gemfile
gem 'rails', '3.2.0'

group :assets do
gem 'sass-rails', " ~> 3.2.3"
gem 'coffee-rails', "~> 3.2.1"
gem 'uglifier', '>= 1.0.3'

Then add new configuration to `development.rb` and `test.rb` environment file. That's all :)

```ruby config/environments/development.rb
  # Log the query plan for queries taking more than this (works
  # with SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL)
  config.active_record.auto_explain_threshold_in_seconds = 0.5

  # Do not compress assets
  config.assets.compress = false

```diff config/environments/test.rb

  • # Allow pass debug_assets=true as a query parameter to load pages with unpackaged assets
  • config.assets.allow_debugging = true

  • # Raise exception on mass assignment protection for Active Record models

  • config.active_record.mass_assignment_sanitizer = :strict

August 23, 2012 Rails

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