Hi there

My name is Qihuan Piao. You would find me using “kinopyo” a lot, my online identity.

I was born and raised in China, came to Japan after college and been living here since then.

I’m a writer - I write softwares at work and blogs at my spare time.

I love reading books and talking about it. I had been reading mostly non-fictions but after 30 I had a sudden realization of the power of fictions/stories.

I also love coffee. Always star some cafes and bookstores on Google Map when I’m planning my trips.

I used to play Warcraft and Starcraft a lot and I was pretty good at it. But once I realized I couldn’t commit enough time to compete, I quit entirely but still like to watch GSL and WCS matches from time to time.

Highly Sensitive Person

That’s me basically. Thank you for finding me.