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12/26 Random Pictures

Just got home from work, really exausted. It was supposed to be a team Bonenkai, but all engineers ended up working very late. Four of us had ramen together after work. I could go home earlier or to that Bonenkai actually, but I dont’ wanna leave friends there knowing they will work so late while I just enjoy the meals. They all looked very tired, so did I, I think all of us deserve a better life. Something is wrong.

I don’t wanna end a day like this, try to find something meaningful to do before go to bed, things that won’t take too many efforts. So here is another diary post, with some random pictures I found from my iPhone.

12:34 AM,

The first thing I saw when I opened Instagram

Some snowman cards

Trees in Oji Temple, November

December 27, 2012 Diary Pictures