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Git - Ignore Changes of File in .gitignore List

Sometimes it's common that we tracked some files in the git repository first but later decided not to. For instance in rails application it could be database.yml file. So you added database.yml to .gitignore but when you changed something in that file, git will still show you.


  1. First added files you don't want to track to .gitignore
  2. Then use either method 1 for single file, or method 2 for folders below.

method 1: git update-index --assume-unchanged

git update-index --assume-unchanged config/database.yml

This works very well with single file, I'm not sure but maybe it doesn't support folder.

Method 2: git rm -r --cached

# This removes everything from the index
git rm -r --cached .

# This will only add files not listed in the .gitignore
git add .
# then commit it
git commit -m ".gitignore is now working"

git - .gitignore file not ignoring - Stack Overflow

October 09, 2012 Git

Git GUI for Mac: Gitbox

表題の通りFor Macです。

Gitbox is a Mac OS X graphical interface for Git version control system. In a single window you see branches, history and working directory status.
Everyday operations are easy: stage and unstage changes with a checkbox. Commit, pull, merge and push with a single click. Double-click a change to show a diff with




File -> Open Repository(Command + O)で

June 20, 2010 Git