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Evernote x Mac: Cant synchronize error, Content is not valid.

I encountered this problem when I synced my evernote in Mac OS.

Can't synchronize error, Content is not valid.

I googled and found this in the evernote support forum.

One of the Ruby gems replaces the built-in 'tidy' command in OS X (/usr/bin/tidy) with a broken script in the same location. You need to restore the original /usr/bin/tidy command that comes with OS X.

On my 10.6.6 box, that command is 65072 bytes:

~ $ ls -al which tidy
rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 65072 Aug 31 2010 /usr/bin/tidy

Once you've fixed that broken part of the OS, Evernote should work ok. You may also want to file a bug with the Ruby folks, who absolutely should not be replacing this file with their own.

It seems like that ruby gems in mac did a mess that replaced the /usr/bin/tidy command unintentionally.
So if your tidy file size does not match 65072 bytes, just copy on from other Mac OS, and chmod it.

April 18, 2011 tool, troubleshooting, evernote