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How to disable auto correct in oh-my-zsh

oh-my-zsh is very handy and I've been using it for almost a year.

But I found the auto correct is kind of annoying and barely helped me. So I decided to turn if off!

Disable it globally

Add this unsetopt to your ~/.zshrc

source $ZSH/

unsetopt correct_all

Disable it per command base

Say if you just want to disable it for git command, you can setup an alias.

alias git=’nocorrect heroku’

I didn't test out this one :)


July 20, 2012 zsh

Escape square brackets by default in zsh

Square brackets in zsh

Square brackets in zsh have special meanings but in MOST circumstances maybe you just have to escape them by putting \(backslash) before them.

Here is a example for generating a new octopress post

rake new_post["Escape square bracket by default in zsh"]
zsh: no matches found: new_post[Escape square bracket by default in zsh]

rake new_post\["Escape square bracket by default in zsh"\]
mkdir -p source/_posts
Creating new post: source/_posts/2012-07-08-escape-square-bracket-by-default-in-zsh.markdown

How to escape by default?

Just setup this alias in your .zshrc.

alias rake='noglob rake'
July 08, 2012 zsh, octopress