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When to Buy a New iPad, iPhone or Macbook

I gave my iPad to my mom when I went back to China during the golden week, so I’m wondering if now is a good timing to buy a new iPad? Are they going to release a new model soon? “Buy or wait”, that’s the only options for me every time when I think about any product of Apple.

Macrumors Buyers Guide

Then I found this buyersguide by Macrumors. I know Macrumors website for a long time and used to subscribe to their RSS feeds, but I never noticed they have a this website.

Macrumors Buyers Guide

Here you can see each Apple model with red or yellow round buttons. I guess there’ll be green ones once the “timing” is right to buy that product. As it says:

provide our best recommendations regarding current product cycles, and to provide a summary of currently available rumors for each model. This page is based on rumors and speculation and we provide no guarantee to its accuracy.

When to Buy a New iPad

If you click the iPad link you’ll see this:

When to Buy a New iPad

You can see the last release was October 23, 2012. Average
release cycles is 311 days so statistically there are still around 100 days left, but judging from the recent releases it could be next month! Recent rumors might be helpful, to at least give you something to fill in the blankness of waiting.

Maybe this time I’ll give iPad mini a try.

May 16, 2013 apple

One Photo And One Video About Innovation

The Photo: Apple 2005-2013

Apple 2005 and 2013

2005. I was still in college. The phone I had was just a “pure” phone to call and text people, and even didn’t have a camera.

2013. Now I have Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, all “rich” devices. With 3G network I can connect to Internet anytime anywhere. Life’s been changed so much.

The Video: Samsung GALAXY S4

I never had a Samsung GALAXY phone, but after watched this video I was surprised by some of the new features. I’ve been using iPhone for 3 or 4 years, I’m so used to it and sometimes it makes me blind to see other innovations.

The video is 4:30 long, please take a look when you have time.

March 16, 2013 apple, samsung, innovation, iphone, ipad, galaxy

Remembering Steve Jobs

Let’s remember the day Steve Jobs passed away.

Apple Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs passed away

I do write a mail to [email protected], did you?

October 06, 2011 apple, mac, steve jobs