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How to use iPhone earphones control to fast forward or rewind Podcasts play

So you don't need to reach your pocket when jogging or running

Unlike listening to music which doesn’t require paying much attention, for Podcasts missing an important 5 seconds due to a loud motorbike passing by is critical. I find myself grabbing the phone from pockets and tapping the screen to rewind so stupid, I was sure there must be better way to do it, and here is the tip: using iPhone earphones control to do it!

Fast forward and rewind

  • Double click and hold down the middle button to fast forward, 10 seconds each jump.
  • Triple click and hold down the middle button to rewind, 10 seconds each jump.

This also works for other audios like music.

May 09, 2015 iphone

One Photo And One Video About Innovation

The Photo: Apple 2005-2013

Apple 2005 and 2013

2005. I was still in college. The phone I had was just a “pure” phone to call and text people, and even didn’t have a camera.

2013. Now I have Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, all “rich” devices. With 3G network I can connect to Internet anytime anywhere. Life’s been changed so much.

The Video: Samsung GALAXY S4

I never had a Samsung GALAXY phone, but after watched this video I was surprised by some of the new features. I’ve been using iPhone for 3 or 4 years, I’m so used to it and sometimes it makes me blind to see other innovations.

The video is 4:30 long, please take a look when you have time.

March 16, 2013 apple, samsung, innovation, iphone, ipad, galaxy

Create reminder to your iOS device from Mac


If you already upgraded to Moutain Lion OSX, you definetly don't need this, there is a navtive Reminder app built in :)

Original Post

You need to install Powerpack.

You can download Alfred extension here:

Then launch your alfred, and type r foo, bar to create the reminder.
You can get the notification of Growl after it's done.

Create iOS 5 Reminders Tasks from Alfred





そうしますと、Alfred呼び出してr hogehogeでリマインダーが作成できます。



超オススメです。試してみてくださいー 特にPowerpack購入後は一気にパワーアップですよ!

December 16, 2011 iphone, mac, alfred, ios5, reminder